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Institute for Innovations in Development (IID) was established in 2010 as an initiative of a group of scholars at the University of Nigeria, who saw the need to create an institution dedicated to training the next generation of Nigeria’s activist scholars. In January 2015, IID became a Company Limited by Guarantee, which allows it to operate as an independent think tank.


IID is a research, training, policy and advocacy organization focused on using innovative research to transform communities. It is committed to activist scholarship that is grounded in the community and driven by cutting-edge research. Through research, training and advocacy, IID seeks to shape governance and development to become inclusive and positively life changing for Nigerians.


At IID we believe that far-reaching socio-economic transformations are possible through research, training, policy and advocacy. Through research, human beings create new knowledge to improve their lives and livelihoods. Training ensures that such new knowledge is passed on to people so that it becomes inclusive, dispersed and permeates society. Training also creates the capacity in society to continue to create new and innovatory knowledge. Through policy, knowledge becomes part of the governance of societies. Policy makes it possible for new knowledge to be incorporated into work and activities of both public and private agencies and institutions. This ensures that even larger numbers of people benefit from new knowledge. Finally, advocacy deals with canvassing new knowledge and breaking down barriers that impede its diffusion. In all its work,

therefore, IID accords prominence to the enduring connections between research, training, policy and advocacy.

IID’s work is guided by four principles: innovation, inclusiveness, rights-based approach and sustainability. We are also committed to gender, generational and geographical equities in all its activities.