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Deteriorating economic conditions expressed in worsening poverty, unemployment, as well as high morbidity and mortality rates among others, continues to plague Nigeria in spite of huge human and material resources. Notwithstanding Nigeria’s enormous wealth from natural resources and the persistent forecasts about improving gross domestic product (GDP), the economy, insofar as it directly affects ordinary Nigerians, seems to underperform year after year. In its work in the area of the Economy, IID seeks to find innovative ideas to drive public and private policy that can make the economy work better for ordinary Nigerians. The specific areas of interest are:

  1. Alternatives to the state and market in economic management;
  2. Improving corporate governance;
  • Entrepreneurship/Start-ups;
  1. Sustainable energy regime;
  2. Labour relations;
  3. Mass transportation (infrastructure and management); and
  • Grassroots capital formation.