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Institute for Innovations in development


The protracted challenge of development facing Nigeria is in part attributable to poor management of its natural resources. Reforming the legal and institutional frameworks for accessing, exploiting and managing natural resources is at the heart of inclusive development and community empowerment. Poor performance in natural resource governance fuels environmental degradation, social vulnerabilities, resource hunger and conflict. In turn, all these worsen environmental management even further. IID seeks to stimulate the production and deployment of new knowledge to support better environmental and resource governance. Our work seeks to promote sustainability, inclusiveness and local knowledge in environmental management. The specific areas of focus are as follows:

  1. Inclusive natural resource governance;
  2. Urbanization and the environment;
  • Waste management and recycling, especially E-waste management;
  1. Human activity and natural environmental hazards;
  2. State, markets and natural resource management;
  3. Technology, environment and natural resources; and
  • Local knowledge and environmental management.