South East Working Group on Election and Governance (SEWEG) Business Meeting II

Members registered as they arrived the venue for the meeting and settled down for the day’s business. At 9.30 am, the Executive Director, IID, Prof Okey Ibeanu, began his opening remarks. He apologised for the inability of SEWEG to meet on the 1st of October as earlier planned, noting that exigencies warranted a shift in the date. Prof Ibeanu thanked members for actively engaging in SEWEG discussions even after business meetings. Thereafter, he highlighted the currency of the topic for the 2nd business meeting of SEWEG – 2019 General Elections and Leadership Challenges in the South East. He further noted that presenter of the lead discussion paper, Prof Uzodinma Nwala, a seasoned Philosopher and President of Alaigbo Development Foundation, was eminently qualified to do justice to the topic, and therefore hoped the paper would elicit robust discussions. At that juncture, Prof Ibeanu called for members present to introduce themselves. At the end of the introductions, Prof Uzodinma Nwala was invited to take the stage and present the lead discussion paper.

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